Typography & Web Design

Designing a good website is not only about having an appealing style or user-friendly navigation options but also about having the eye-friendly typography that encourages your readers to stay hooked to your website and its contents, as much as they please. It’s because, however attractive a website might look, if it does not engage the readers enough by offering the suitable readable environment, the eagerness would get lost, finally urging them to look out for a more suitable and conveniently readable site for their needs.

Hence, typography is important for your website because

  • It interests your customers/readers

When your website’s contents are legible and pleasant, they naturally interest your readers or the customers as they could conveniently grasp the contents without any difficulty.

  • It attracts your customers

Anytime, legible letters are not only easy to comprehend but also attractive as their suitable presentation causes a pleasing effect on the customers’ eyes enough to peruse the contents nonchalantly.

  • It communicates your website’s purpose

Typography has the power to appropriately reveal the purpose of your website’s existence when chosen sensibly, as different typefaces and their subsequent presentation can convey the background of the website or the company involved. Formal typefaces denote more of a dignified or a conventional organization, semi-formal typefaces indicate more of a relaxed, fun-loving business suitable for a gaming company or a casino site and so on.

  • It strengthens your brand’s image

There is a reason why certain brands’ logos attract the customers forever and if you try to change the font style or the color of those logos you could clearly feel the vibe getting lost and such is the power of the typography and if utilized appropriately, can boost your brand’s image forever!