Tips & Suggestions

Top 3 typography rules that every web designer should know

  1. Use non-confusing typefaces

Certain typefaces have certain letters that have very similar appearances making it tough for the reader to distinguish them, especially when presented in a smaller size. Therefore, however attractive such a typeface might be, avoid using them if your customer category is wide that includes even the older age group.

  1. Keep that spacing just adequate

Like, how little the spacing between the lines, aka the ‘leading’, which is the term used in typography, looks crappier, too much would also be not appropriate, as it gives some discontinuity feel causing the reader to lose interest in further reading. Thus, too much or too little of those white spaces annoy the reader and hence, stick to the adequate level, which is normally about 30% more than the letter height so that the necessary readability quality is enjoyed by the reader.

  1. Get that color contrast right

Your background color should not only accentuate the text color but also should be compatible to offer  readability to the user or else no customer would be eager to peruse the details provided in your website if reading itself an onerous task due to that unsuitable color combination of the background and the text. Not all dark background colors suit with every lite text color and hence, understand this and choose a perfect color combo that appeals to the readers’ eyes and, also gives an attractive look to the website.